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The Evanston Women's Business Center (EWBC) is committed to support the needs of small businesses. The EWBC will change the landscape in bridging resources for success by providing an equitable space to learn, and create a solid foundation for success . We believe that we can improve and assist entrepreneurs, professionals, and young leaders through valuable resources. 

The mission of the Evanston Women’s Business Center is to be one of the leading organizations in Evanston serving the North Shore to provide inclusive business services, tools, education, and resources. It is important to support minority and women-owned businesses, and offer a level of transparency, with trust and mutual respect along equity and equality.

Donations from our community will be allocated to stimulate the local economic activity, transform small business and assist them in boosting their bottom line and provide an solid foundation to help them advertise, promote and grow their vision, inventory, and create new jobs. 

Many local companies would love to advertise, employee new team members, or learn new tools. 

New entrepreneurs seek new and informative ideas from local experts to guide them and save  money as they enter a new season in their career. 

Our focus is to empower small businesses, create jobs and stimulate economic activity. 

Marketing Fund

EWBC understands the importance of helping our local shops with free advertising, discounted advertising, and helping them exceed their monthly goals with new ways to grow and sustain a business. 

How can we help support your passion? 

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